Defence attorneys abort bail application for policeman Noel Maitland

November 15, 2023

The defence attorneys for Constable Noel Maitland aborted their latest attempt to secure bail on his behalf. 

Maitland is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Donna Lee Donaldson.

The bail application was scheduled for Wednesday morning in the Home Circuit Court, but when the matter was mentioned, the Crown advised that it was informed by Maitland's defence team via a letter that it no longer wished to have another try at bail.

Maitland, who has been in custody since July 27, was further remanded until January 17, 2024,  for plea and case management hearing.

He is charged with murder and preventing the lawful burial of a corpse.

Twenty-four-year-old social media influencer, Donna Lee Donaldson, went missing on July 13, after she was last seen at Maitland's home two days earlier.

Prosecutors in the matter have disclosed that forensic analysis has established that bloodstains that were reportedly found on curtains and on a pair of sneakers inside Maitland's Chelsea Manor, St Andrew, apartment were from the missing woman.

The court also heard that on July 13, the constable took a sofa to a car wash to be cleaned, claiming his cousin had injured himself and had messed up the furniture.

According to an attendant who assisted Maitland, the couch had alarming volumes of blood.

"A whole heap o' blood coming out the right side … . Jesus, this man must dead. Him bleed out or this come in like dem kill somebody inna this," the attendant is alleged to have remarked.

Maitland had reportedly hired a truck driver to transport the couch and had also reportedly tried to trick his landlord into deleting closed-circuit television footage at his apartment.

The prosecutor further revealed that a cell site analysis showed that Donaldson's mobile phone was last located on the network on July 12 in the vicinity of Maitland's apartment and that the defendant's cell phone was in the same location at the same time.

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