‘Alice deserves a chance’ - Crab Circle ‘videographer’ begs for fellow vendor

November 17, 2023
Crab Circle
Crab Circle
Alice Waugh
Alice Waugh

Nadine Francis, the Crab Circle vendor who video recorded the unspeakable unsanitary actions of her fellow vendor, Alice Waugh, has stopped short of begging the authorities to reconsider their position and to allow her to return to the popular spot as a vendor.

Francis, who is aunt of three of Waugh's daughters, said, despite the vitriol directed at her by her fellow vendor, she is not prepared to condemn her.

"Everybody deserves a second chance in life, yuh understand mi? Everybody deserves a second chance in life," Francis told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Waugh has attracted much unwelcome attention since a video of her defecating in her stall area went viral last month. The shocking visuals led to the crab and soup spot being closed by the Kingston and St Andrew Health Department.

On Tuesday, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Authority announced that the spot will reopen on November 23. A day later, Waugh, in an interview with this newspaper, declared that she was ready to take her place at Crab Circle and continue her business.

"Mi siddung yah boring, mi a think bout how mi bills dem aguh pay," Waugh said. "Right now, mi fridge empty. From week mi fridge empty."

However, as soon as the story of her intent to return to Crab Circle hit the news stands, Kingston's mayor Delroy Williams said she will only be allowed to go their as a customer.

"On this matter in relation to Alice, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation is guided by the public health department, and, to date, the public health department has been very clear to us that Alice should not return to the location. So, until we have received communication from the public health department otherwise, this is our position," Williams said in a media statement.

The mayor's announcement left Waugh stunned. She responded with a pregnant pause after being contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR on Thursday. Her silence was broken with a question: Why can't she return? Waugh insisted that she was not made aware that she would not be allowed to return as a vendor.

Williams said that, in addition to the sanitary breach, Waugh did not participate in a training programme administered by the HEART/NSTA Trust, in order to be certified as a small food operator at the location.

Like Waugh, Francis did not participate in the recent training and certification programme, but has since signed up to be trained and certified. She said this was because she was unsure about her return. However, after careful consideration, she fully intends to return when the location reopens next week Thursday.

Nevertheless, Francis, who said she was threatened after she released the video, said that she still has reservations about returning to Crab Circle.

"Mi still feel away, like fi guh up deh. But, yuh know, mi nuh duh nothing wrong," Francis said.

Additionally, she does not regret recording the video and said she harbours no hatred for Waugh, despite them not being on speaking terms.

"Fi tell yuh the truth, everybody affi eat food, but at the time, weh did a happen, it neva right," Francis told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Sometimes when yuh see things wrong, sometimes yuh affi be strong and stand up still enuh, and mek God sort out dat," Francis said.

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