Alleged job scammers to spend Christmas in jail

November 17, 2023

More than a dozen persons were left disappointed on Thursday as they could not receive compensation from two women who defrauded them of thousands in an overseas employment scheme.

"I just want to know where is the money. I paid over my money, and I haven't heard from you in months, so where is the money?" one complainant questioned. The woman is one of 14 persons who attended the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday who have reported the fraudulent activities of Sudine Hall and Karen Facey.

Hall and Facey are charged on an indictment for multiple counts of obtaining money by means of false pretence. The women have maintained their innocence but have said that they are willing to repay the sums. Facey informed the court that she should have $1.5 million available to begin restitution but appeared in court empty-handed.

"Your Honour, it is very hard from where I am. I don't have anybody, only my father, and we don't get no phone call. They say the one call we get when we come in, that's it," Facey shared. Hall begged to be admitted to bail as she will be able to sell her assets should she regain her freedom.

Her mother, who was also present in court, pleaded with Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque.

"Your Honour, it is hard on me alone. I am a renal failure patient, and when I leave dialysis, it is hard to deal with it. Please give her bail," she pleaded.

But her pleas were ignored as the senior judge said it was not possible to admit the women, who faced multiple charges, to bail as investigators contend that additional charges are to be laid. The women were remanded in custody until January 26, 2024, when restitution is to be made.

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