Flatulence dispute leaves policeman with broken nose

November 17, 2023
Stock image of man reacting to a foul smell.
Stock image of man reacting to a foul smell.

Courtroom drama unfolded on Wednesday when a municipal police officer employed by the St James Municipal Corporation (StJMC) was accused of assaulting a colleague who allegedly complained to others about his farting.

Zephaniah Allen was before the St James Parish Court to answer to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court was told that on October 24, about 2:30 p.m., the complainant, a fellow municipal officer, was eating lunch at the StJMC's lunchroom when Allen farted. Disgusted by his colleague's action, the complainant threw away his lunch, left the lunch room and told other co-workers about what Allen had done.

It was further outlined that Allen took offence to being called out about his flatulence. He allegedly used a helmet to hit the complainant several times on the head and face, causing his nose to bleed and swell. His lips and face were also swollen as a result of the beating.

After hearing the allegations, presiding Parish Judge Sasha-Marie Ashley asked the parties if they wanted to go to mediation. However, the complainant vehemently refused to try that avenue of settling the dispute.

"My nose is broken, he hit me in my head and also hit me in the face with his helmet, and he has shown no remorse. It is hard for me to stand here and say I will go to mediation," the complainant said.

Nevertheless, Judge Ashley told both men that she would be sending them to speak with a mediator, who was present in court. The matter was stood down briefly to facilitate those discussions.

When the case was revisited a short while later, it was disclosed that Allen and the complainant had reached an agreement through the mediator. Consequently, the prosecution offered no further evidence against Allen and allowed him to leave.

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