Judge wants quicker progress in bombing hoax case

November 17, 2023

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque has implored experts at the Communication Forensic and Cyber Crime Division to work assiduously in producing a report that will assist in the case progression against Michael Glenford, who is accused of notifying the police about a bomb threat at the St Catherine Parish Court last week.

"I know that they can't produce the full report within short order but even a prelim report, that is what would help the court," the senior jurist said. Her comments came after the lead investigator said that a report from the cybercrime experts would take at least two months and there was concern raised by the prosecutor regarding the section of the Cybercrimes Act under which Glenford was charged.

"The IMEI number from the phone can be tracked. Wouldn't that be instructive, in terms of whether or not it is a smartphone, to put it within the realm of a computer within the reach of the Cybercrimes Act? It is an electronic device," the judge reasoned.

"There is no going around it that this particular mischief is a serious one. This offence is serious and I don't think the court needs to spell it out in terms of the inconvenience to businesses, the inconvenience to the limited resources that exists. It is a serious offence and it is on this basis that it is sufficient for us not to act hastily," the judge added, stating that the matter will be adjourned for the prosecution to do an analysis of the charges.

A bail application was not heard on Thursday as the prosecutor requested that Glenford's criminal records be made available. He was remanded in custody until December 11.

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