Manning Cup teams stronger says­ Flemmings

October 31, 2015
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer FLOW's Carlo Redwood presents the winning ISSA/Flow Super Cup trophy to then captain of Jamaica College [JC] Junior Flemmings during the presentation ceremony at Sabina Park last year.

Former Jamaica College (JC) talisman and the first captain to lift the FLOW-ISSA Super Cup after last year's triumph, Junior Flemmings, insists the tournament will only get stronger and more popular, but says urban schools are better than their rural counterparts.

Flemmings says the Super Cup, which was introduced last year, presents a real test of character and resolve. He noted that since the competition was announced, he pledged to help Jamaica College become the first holder of the title, like they did with the Manning Cup and Oliver Shield titles.

"It (tournament) was unbelievable. FLOW brought a good thing ... and Jamaica College will always try to be on top striving for excellence," he told The STAR.

"It's a lot of football, but it shows who has character and determination, and who will never give up. Because second round, you know you have a tough knockout game on the weekend, so you have to be prepared mentally.

better surfaces

"Players also play on better surfaces, and by doing this, FLOW did something great, so we will see better quality football," he


He said it was also his intention to help JC win the first edition.

"Every competition played in the past, from the Manning Cup to the Olivier Shield, Jamaica College always try to be crowned winner the first time. So I made a pledge to create history, and we went out and gave it our best," he recalled.

Flemmings insists Corporate Area football is ahead, and does not think the rural-versus-urban rivalry actually makes a big difference. He is also proud to be remembered as the first captain to lift the trophy, but thinks it will be hard to repeat this year.

"I captained my team to the Super Cup the first time, so my name will always be in the history books. But Jamaica College don't have the fight anymore."

Unlike most observers, he didn't select St George's for the trophy.

"Wolmer's is my pick to win, but let's see what happens. But it doesn't make a difference, because I get to understand, over the years, that the Manning Cup teams are the better teams; whichever way they take it, a Manning Cup team will win," he stated.

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