Wolmer's expects well-prepared StGC

December 02, 2015
Vassell Reynolds

Wolmer's Boys coach, Vassell Reynolds, expects to face a motivated and well-prepared St George's College in today's Walker Cup KO final at the Stadium East.

"I don't know to what extent we can depend on taking advantage of their loss to Jamaica College in the Manning Cup final.

"I know the St George's group led by 'Bertis' (Neville Bell), and I know he is someone who can get them up again. If there is an opportunity to take advantage then we are hoping we can do that.

"But I expect they should be able to mentally rise above the disappointment to put up a good fight.. They will be down but I don't expect them to be completely down," he said.

Reynolds declared that it will be the nation's best schoolboy attack against one of the nation's top defensive schoolboy outfits and insists they must make their opportunities count.

He is not concerned about their lack of goals in the Walker Cup.

He said: "We have improved in terms of our attack since the Walker Cup. We have averaged two goals a game, so while we have been out of competition for two weeks we are hoping that we can continue scoring."

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