Manning, daCosta Cups won't determine Super Cup teams


October 28, 2017
@Normal:Sponsors and organisers of the 2017 ISSA/FLOW Super Cup tournament (from left) Stephen Miller, FLOW sponsorship manager; Christina Taylor, group marketing manager of the ATL Automotive Group; Carlo Redwood, vice-president of marketing at FLOW; Dr Walton Small, president of ISSA; Hope McMillan-Canaan, manager -– public and corporate affairs at Scotiabank; and Andrei Roper, marketing manager at KFC, at Wednesday's digital press conference to announce plans for the new season which begins on November 10.

With the quarter-finals of the 2017 ISSA/FLOW daCosta Cup to be concluded today, the four semi-finalists will be determined but not the rural contenders for the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup, which many thought would be the case.

Qualification for the Super Cup will not be determined from the daCoata and Manning Cup as in previous years. It is understood from title sponsor FLOW's digital press conference on Wednesday that the top four teams from the ISSA/FLOW Ben Francis rural area competition will qualify to face off against the ISSA/FLOW Walker Cup, the Corporate Area's equivalent's semi-finalists.

However, many are concerned that the change to the way teams qualify could harm the competition as this means not necessarily the best teams will qualify for the Super Cup.


This year's competition will feature the top eight schoolboy football teams (down from last year's 16). This change could be good for the competition as it means these student athletes will be playing one fewer match on their already overworked legs.

The competition will be played at secure venues in the Montego Bay Sports Complex and Sabina Park, over three weekends starting November 10 with the finals set for November 25. Tickets will be on sale starting on November 8, at FLOW's Carlton Crescent headquarters on Half-Way Tree Road in St Andrew and the FLOW Store in Fairview, Montego Bay.

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