ISSA in safe hands – Walton Small

March 15, 2019

Outgoing president of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA), Dr Walton Small, said the organisation will be in good hands after he demits office in June.

Small, who is one of the longest-serving presidents of ISSA, told STAR Sports that the core of the organisation has strengthened over the years and hence, he believes whomever replaces him will also do an excellent job.

"For me, I surround myself with very bright people. I surround myself with people who have good ideas," said Dr Small.

"I spent a lot of time with every member of my board, and so every single member of my board understands the ins and outs of ISSA."

He continued: "I would feel very uncomfortable leaving if I did not know that it was not on solid ground. ISSA will get better and whoever takes it, is going to take it to another level, because all the future plans and strategies are a team effort and it will get better."

First vice- president of ISSA, Keith Wellington is the only candidate who has confirmed that he will be running for the post of president. However, Dr Small underlines that this can change on the day of the election. "The way ISSA operates, anybody on the day can be nominated for a post," he said.

"For example, when I became president, I was just nominated from the floor, just like that, and so anybody from the floor can be nominated, and anybody who is nominated can do a good job," he said.

Dr Small is in his sixth term as president of ISSA. Under his tenure, there was a big move to integrate all-island high-school football with the implementation of the Champions Cup, formerly the FLOW Super Cup, where schools from the urban and rural area battle in a knockout competition.

However, he added that he was very disappointed that during his tenure, he was not able to help ISSA gain its own multipurpose stadium.

"I was able to get a new building, but I was not able to provide a new multipurpose facility, and we must do that," Dr Small said. "If we do that going further, ISSA will be able to pump more into schools, why? Dr Small questioned.

"We spent a lot of money right now renting facilities, and once we can get our own, then we can start to minimise those expenses," he said. "I am sure that with the template that is there it will happen," Dr Small said.

Small, who is venturing into representational politics, is now the caretaker in the constituency of St James Southern.

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