TG forward brushes off slip of tongue

April 14, 2021
UWI FC player Andre Humphrey (right) tackles  Tivoli Gardens’ Junior McGregor during Red Stripe Premier League encounter in 2019.
File UWI FC player Andre Humphrey (right) tackles Tivoli Gardens’ Junior McGregor during Red Stripe Premier League encounter in 2019.

Tivoli Gardens footballer and dance selector Junior McGregor insists that the recent video clip with him raving about the private part of dancehall DJ Aidonia is a big misunderstanding, as he was only reading a comment from a female fan during his Instagram live dance session recently.

McGregor, who goes by the stage name 'Shukkle Bus', was heard on the 10-second video clip saying "big up Aidonia with the good c***y", for which the backlash on social media has been massive.

But the Tivoli Gardens forward contends that he was only reading a comment and that he has nothing to be perturbed about.

"It was obvious that I was reading a comment, so you have to put it in context. But that's how people are and that is how they get their props.

"They didn't put in the part that I say 'is the artiste she a talk?' So obviously it was a comment I was reading, because otherwise I wouldn't say that," he stated.

"But I am a person that love laugh, so I just laugh it off. If it was a mistake I made I would admit it.

"I know what took place. It was a money pull up and the girl said to big up good c***y Aidonia, that was the caption she wrote, because everything that the people were sending in I was reading out," he explained.

Sympathised with him

He insists that those who watch the live video, which is still on his shukkle_bus Instagram account, are quite aware of what happened and many have sympathised with him.

But he said the situation has made him stronger and even more recognised.

"I don't want to dwell on it because it's a negative and I don't dwell on negatives. But I am stronger than that.

"That's why I didn't take down the video. I let the live stay up, so who is talking can go and watch and see what's going on.

"Some people in the comments (section) say that those making the negative comments are dunce, as it wasn't me bigging up Aidonia.

"So although the bloggers take the negative, I have no problem with what they are doing because what they are doing just make my thing much bigger, because anybody that didn't know me will now know me," he continued.

He added that despite the negative feedback from the video, he is motivated to get deeper in his music career, which could result in him taking an early retirement from football.

"I love football and I love music. If I was to choose it would be hard.

"But I am looking to make a next step forward and it seems that music will bring me much further than where football has carried me. So it's straight music now. So you might not see me playing football again," disclosed the 25-year-old male.

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