Lothian hailed as giant in sports administration

June 16, 2021
Godfrey Lothian
Godfrey Lothian

Former treasurer of the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA), Darrington Ferguson, says with the passing of the association's former president Godfrey Lothian, Jamaica has lost a giant in sports administration. Lothian died yesterday at age 64.

Ferguson, who managed the financial affairs of the JTTA since Lothian took office in 2013 until that administration demitted office earlier this year, said in addition to rejuvenating table tennis, his late colleague made significant contributions to cricket and football as well.

"Godfrey Lothian was not just a table tennis administrator. He was also the president of the Kingston and Saint Andrew Cricket Association, he was president of the Greenwich Town Football Club and a member of the Jamaica Cricket Association.

"He wasn't an ordinary individual, he was one who gave of self and believed in the development of youth and would go the distance for them," he said

Sports was the answer

He added he was a visionary who strongly believed that sports was the answer for many of the nation's problems.

"He was a giant of sports administration and a visionary who wanted to bring a table tennis premier league to the Caribbean.

"Godfrey should also be remembered as a great pioneer for the development of the sport of cricket, football and table tennis," he stated

Lothian served three terms as president of the JTTA, and initially won a fourth term, but it was ruled null and void by the courts.

All attempts to settle the leadership out of court, with current president Andrew Lue, were unsuccessful.

Both parties then held separate annual general meetings and elections on the same day, but the court stepped in and ruled in favour of Lue.

Meanwhile president Lue said Lothian did great things for the sport.

"I know we had our differences but despite everything I know Mr Lothian gave his all to the sport. He made a big difference in a lot of different ways. We have learned a lot from him and he has left a legacy," Lue said.

"He has done a lot for the sport in Jamaica. We recognise his efforts and we offer our deepest condolences to his family.

He added that the association will also look into ways to recognise his immense contribution to the sport.

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