Organisers promise tight security for Gibson McCook Relays

February 22, 2022
Professor Rainford Wilks
Professor Rainford Wilks

Chairman of the organising committee of the Gibson McCook Relays, Professor Rainford Wilks, says security will be very tight for this year's meet, set for Saturday at the National Stadium.

The relays will be held under strict government-mandates COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. Only 10,000 fully vaccinated persons will be allowed to attend the event.

"Security is always good, and this year will be no different because of the strict protocols that we are operating under," Wilks said.

"We have three arms of security. There are the police, there is private security inside the stadium, and there is private security for the perimeters. We have been using the same providers for the last several years and they know the job very well," he said.

The Gibson McCook Relays chairman said no vendors will be allowed inside the National Stadium, and is urging patrons to ensure that they are properly hydrated before entering the National Stadium.

"Vendors will not be allowed inside the stadium, because we cannot guarantee meeting the Ministry of Health standards for safety in the pandemic. Vendors will be around the perimeter of the stadium, and patrons will be asked to purchase their refreshments on their way in," Wilks said.

He said all-day refreshment will not be inside the stadium, because this was one of the compromises that the organisers had to make in order to meet the requirement for safety inside the stadium. Tickets for the meet are set to go on sale today on the event's website.

Tickets for the finish line will be $4,600. Seats for other sections of the grandstand will cost $3,500, while it will cost $600 to enter the bleachers.

Wilks pointed out that he is expecting a full take-up of the tickets.

"They (tickets) will be available at the Gibson McCook Relays website and the link will be there for persons to go and apply for tickets," Wilks said. "It will then go through the process of asking persons to upload their vaccination certificates, and it will then go through the process of verification, and within no more than 24-hours an approval will be there for them to purchase their tickets."

Wilks added that they are expecting an exciting event, as there have been some quality performances in the various weekly meets since the start of the year.

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