‘We’re not responsible’ - IPL says break-ins during Reggae Boyz match happened outside Stadium

June 16, 2022
An aerial view of the National Stadium in Kingston.
An aerial view of the National Stadium in Kingston.

Independence Park Limited (IPL) General Manager Desmon Brown says that reports that cars were broken into at the National Stadium parking lot are not true.

While Brown acknowledges that there was an incident of cars being broken into during Jamaica's Concacaf Nations League game against Mexico on Tuesday night, he said that they were parked outside the venue and not under the watch of Stadium security.

A video circulating on social media suggested that as many as 11 cars were broken into, but Brown says that he has not received any reports from his security team or victims that it took place inside the venue.

"My understanding is that those cars were broken into across the road in areas the hustlers operate," Brown told STAR Sports. "Today, we have had no reports of any break-ins in the IPL designated car park and I want that to come out very clearly."

Brown said that he also confirmed this with the Stadium police.

"Every time something happens, they say it is the stadium car park and it is not," he said. "I first heard the report on the news [yesterday] morning, but no patron has come to IPL to report any break-in. I double-checked with my security and as far as they are concerned, they have no reports of any break-in inside the IPL designated car park. I have confirmed that with the police."

Calls for a response from the Stadium police yesterday went unanswered; however, a source at the Jamaica Football Federation said they are aware of the incident, but declined to comment on it.

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