Real Mona battle Boys’ Town in KSAFA semis

September 22, 2022
David Laylor
David Laylor

Real Mona FC will start favourites against Boys' Town in their Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) Championships semi-final this evening at Stadium East, starting at 8.

Mona topped the group with 19 points from eight matches, six more than Boys' Town in second, but although being the best in the preliminary round, coach David Laylor is taking nothing for granted and has prepared the players mentally and tactically for the one-off contest.

"You can run away with the league but when you reach the semi-final it is a different mindset and that is what I am trying to get my team to understand. We can't look at the fact that we defeated them 3-0 in the preliminaries. This is a semi-final and nobody wants to lose so we will put our best foot forward," he told STAR SPORTS.

Laylor noted that Boys' Town have experienced players in their ranks who can make a difference for them, but he remains confident in their ability and expects Real Mona to do well.

"Boys Town have some senior players and those players have quality and can make a difference. I don't know what they look like now, but at the end of the day we have to prepare as best as possible and I have full confidence that we can do it. A semi-final is a different mindset and we have to treat it that way, but I expect my team to come out and put on a good show and really do well," he added.

Boys' Town coach Leon Hardware believes that in their 3-0 defeat to Real Mona in the preliminary round, they created several chances that they failed to capitalise on, but they have worked on that in training and he expects a much better showing against the group winners.

"We just worked on the mistakes we made in the last game that they beat us. We are going to try and capitalise on the chances we missed and we are working on the defence as well.

"We created enough chances in the game against them and the game could have finished another way, but we are planning to be at our best as I plan to put out my best 11," Hardware said.

He added that although his players have been talking up a win over the favourites, he insists they will have to back their talk.

"The players are saying they want to do that (win), but we can't just say we want to do it and when we go out, it is a different ball game. We have to walk the walk and talk the talk," he stated.

In the first match at 6 p.m. Maxfield Park take on Mountain View in a Major League semi-final.

The other two semi-finals are scheduled for Sunday at the same venue.

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