Clash of the Titans domino tourney poses March 21

March 17, 2023

The first Wheels on Wheels Clash of the Titans domino tournament will take place from March 21-26 at Mystic Plaza, Hagley Park Road, in St Andrew, with Jamaica One Voice facing off with USA Dream Team in six days of epic competition.

The event promises to be a pulsating showdown in the coding and across-the-table formats. There will be three sets of coding and three sets of across the table.

Coding consists of two teams of two players each sitting at one table. Partners can openly direct each other on how to play from the dominoes drawn, using signs, gestures or other forms of messaging. Across the table are two players sitting opposite each other and playing both hands of seven dominos.

The series will bring together domino veterans from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s who migrated to North America and continue to make a name for themselves in the game. The younger players will get a chance to make new friendships during the tournament.

Several names, such as Rupert 'Sir Price' Price, Alvin 'Hardy Boy' Thomas and Orlando 'Illusion' Smiekle, will represent Jamaica One Voice while Andre 'Phenom' Earl will join others for USA Dream Team. Although the series will be dominated by men, several women will also be on show.

The Clash of the Titans Series is sponsored by auto dealership Wheels on Wheels. Trophies and cash prizes will be distributed at the end of the respective series for MVPs.

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