Coach Anderson upset Trinity not in Jordon Foote’s memorial

March 17, 2023
Jordan Foote
Jordan Foote

Former Holy Trinity High School coach Devon 'Pablo' Anderson is disappointed the school's Manning Cup team will not be part of the annual Jordan Foote memorial, which returns after three years.

Foote, a Holy Trinity High footballer, had his leg amputated in December 2016 as he battled bone cancer and died in March of the following year.

The death of the young footballer devastated the entire school and football community, and a memorial was held to commemorate his life.

Anderson had hoped that Hydel, his current team, and Holy Trinity would meet in the exhibition affair at the Bell/Chung field on Friday at 3 p.m.

However, Anderson noted that Holy Trinity's principal, Father Carl Clarke, has restricted the school from participating. Anderson believes it is a big slap in the face for all those who want to commemorate the former player.

"He is asking for an official invitation. Neither Hydel nor Vauxhall asked for an official invitation, and he wants to be a part of the planning committee.

"We don't need a planning committee. I have it covered. The (Holy Trinity) coach wants to go, the youths (players) want to go, but he (the principal) doesn't want them to go, but this is like a practice match, and if he doesn't want to play, then don't play," he contends.

Nevertheless, he is disappointed that Holy Trinity will not be there to celebrate the life of the former student.

"Jordon gave everything for the school, and the youths can't get to come and celebrate what he did for the school.

"This is in honour of Jordan Foote. It is not about me, and it is upsetting that Trinity is not a part of it. So what I did is I got some past students, and they will play an invitation game along with that Vauxhall and Hydel game," he said.

Holy Trinity principal, Father Clarke, said he had no objections to Holy Trinity's participation, and all that was required to make it happen was a meeting.

"Holy Trinity will not participate. The organisers have to know the school has a principal. So the organisers have to sit and talk with the principal. If the organisers can't sit and talk, then Holy Trinity will not participate," Father Clarke commented.

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