Domino styles to clash in Supreme Masters final

June 30, 2023
Domino devotees engage in friendly rivalry during the highly competitive Supreme Domino Masters Series.
Domino devotees engage in friendly rivalry during the highly competitive Supreme Domino Masters Series.

The Supreme Domino Master Series, after weeks of intense 'cutthroat' competition, culminates on Sunday with the grand finale at the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA).

At Sunday's final, individuals will get the chance to compete with the 16 qualifiers from the various community tournaments staged across the island, and vie for the title and cash prizes of $1 million, according to Dwayne Tulloch, senior vice-president of retail and customer operations at Supreme Ventures Limited.

"Eighty players have already earned a seat at the table following their outstanding performance in the tournament, however, the final is open to anyone who believes they possess the skills to become the domino champion of Jamaica.

"All they need to do is come to CBA, register and play. Not only will the participants have an amazing time, but we are also curating an interactive and thrilling entertainment package to enhance the overall experience for everyone," Tulloch said.

Sunday's final is a bittersweet end for Tulloch and his team at Supreme Ventures, as it marks the end of a thrilling event in the non-traditional sport of dominoes.

"It has been an incredible journey, taking the Supreme Domino Masters Series across the island over the past few months. We are immensely proud of the tournament's popularity and the camaraderie that has blossomed among the players," Tulloch continued.

Some players eager to get their hands on the dominos in Sunday's finale made it clear that it is "every man for himself", as the big cash prize has heightened the intensity of the showdown.

Gerry Gardner, the winner from Montego Bay, reveals that his strategy is to keep his opponents guessing.

"I will employ a deceptive style, utilising unorthodox shots to confound my competitors. Patience will be my virtue, ensuring precision in every move while minimising errors. My goal is to leave my opponents in awe and wondering what hit them," Gardner stated.

Garfield Brissett, the victorious player from Spanish Town, is planning a similar approach.

"My plan is to keep my competitors guessing, leaving them unaware of whether I possess seven strong dominoes per game," Brissett revealed.

David Wright, the reigning champion of Caymanas Park, emphasises that consistency will be vital in the winner-takes-all tournament.

"I plan to remain focused and keep my concentration up. I will also utilise my unique ability to not only read my opponents' hand; but also, their mannerisms will give me the edge required to emerge as the true champion," Wright argued.

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