An ardent ‘Potcova’ supporter of athletics

July 14, 2023
Dalton Spence
Dalton Spence

Jamaica is dubbed a melting pot culture, and Dalton 'Potcova' Spence says he uses his pot covers to help Jamaica 'cook greatness' in track and field.

"I knock my pot covers to celebrate the greatness of Jamaica, and the athletes represent what's great about Jamaica. The pot cover covers the pot of the food that makes us so great. The culture, the seasoning in the pot, a melting pot of greatness, all of the yam and the dumpling." Spence said, alluding to the common saying that food makes Jamaicans so fast.

"You know they say we take drugs; no it's the food, culture, music and the pot cover that makes us great," he said, sounding the pot covers, a familiar sound to the patrons' ears who attended the National Senior and Junior Championships (Trials) last weekend and at other track and field events.

Spence, who also went viral in a video after saying, "Jamaica a di big deal and everything else a small fries and side order!" said seeing Jamaican athletes compete makes him proud; and makes it a point of duty to attend sporting events decked out in the Jamaican colours.

"It gives me a sense of pride [and] it inspires me," he said. "The athletes inspire me to do well in what I am doing because they are great, and I can be great."

He said this national pride garnered from sports is worth passing down from generation to generation, and he uses Jamaica's sporting achievements to inspire his students, being a music teacher at Christel House Jamaica.

"I try to encourage my students to reach for greatness, so associating myself with these athletes helps them to dream big and to recognise that they can be as great as these athletes. I constantly push that in my classroom, that there is greatness in them, just as the athletes show the greatness of Jamaica by working hard for what they achieve and make a mark on the world," Spence said.

Knocking pot covers is a common way to celebrate victory in Jamaica, especially with sporting successes.

Spence said he is playing his part in carrying on this tradition.

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