KSAFA backs Anderson for JFF president

September 18, 2023
Raymond Anderson
Raymond Anderson

The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) has thrown its support behind Raymond Anderson as the race for the presidency of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) begins to take shape.

The Corporate Area governing body has long questioned the competence and policies of the local governing body, and president Mark Bennett believes Anderson and his team can provide the nation's football with the leadership needed.

"For a long time, especially this (KSAFA) administration has been at odds with the direction of the football under the current leadership.

"When Raymond Anderson outlined his plans, and we looked at his vision for football and the type of persons he brought together, we believe this is the best team to move football from its present position with the level of competency and experience it has," Bennett said.

He revealed that his top motivation for joining the team is the belief there is a need to reorganise the local football infrastructure, and he believes the time is ripe for a challenge on the administration, with the increase of voting delegates from 13 to 56, and the public criticism the federation has faced.

"This team has the right idea to reorganise the whole football architecture, but even though the (voting) numbers have changed, there are some avenues where the team (administration) in place can manipulate.

"With the expanded numbers, there are opportunities, and one of the key things driving football right now is a great desire to see changes. This desire will surpass anything they will throw at a particular electorate, as that desire is greater at this time.

"The country wants to see a difference. They have experienced the lows of the football. They have lost faith in the administration, and they want change," Bennett said.

Anderson, whose campaign slogan reads 'real solid action', has assembled a team of over 20 high-profile and experienced sports administrators and professionals from which he will choose his slate when the time comes.

His campaign team includes Bennett, Denzil Wilkes, former Sports Development Foundation (SDF) general manager and current University of the West Indies (UWI) athletic development and training manager; Jackie Cummings, lawyer and sports administrator; and renowned journalist and sports marketer Carole Beckford.

Bennett credits Anderson for his inclusiveness, and he believes this will separate him from previous administrations.

"In the past, when someone ran for the presidency, the focus was always on the presidential candidate, but this time, the focus is the team. Credit must be given to Raymond for pulling all the competency you see surrounding him.

"Very few people want people around who will question them, but Raymond is the opposite.

"When you look at the people he has brought together, he sees the need for change, and I believe when we sit in front of the electorate, the people that have voted will make the right choice."


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