Coach Rochester seeks to lift Meadowbrook’s track and field

September 29, 2023
Dino Rochester
Dino Rochester

Coach Dino Rochester wants to change Meadowbrook High School's track and field culture by putting the school on the map in the sport.

The 28-year-old Rochester, who participated for Edwin Allen High and Kingston College (KC) at the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championships (Champs) in middle and long-distance events and also for The Mico University at the collegiate level, is very confident of making a mark in coaching at Meadowbrook, who are not known for their track and field prowess.

"I started my coaching stint at Meadowbrook in March last year, close to Champs, so the preparation during that period was for Champs this year," stated Rochester.

Earlier this year at Champs, Meadowbrook failed to get a point, with Rochester taking 15 athletes, but he is confident of changing that next year.

"My main objective is to keep every athlete fit, healthy and injury-free. Once that is done, I expect good results because I have a great bunch of athletes, who are hard-working and are hungry for success," said Rochester, who is confident of getting among the points at Champs next year.

According to Rochester, members of the Meadowbrook community are starting to support the programme and are changing their mindset.

"Last season, the support was minimal because probably nobody didn't really know me or knew what I was capable of doing.

"I must now say I am getting overwhelming support, especially from the Head of Physical Education of the school, Kaleliah Dinnal, who always ensures things are on track and attends the various meets to assist where necessary," said Rochester.

He also stated that his wife, Nicole Dixon, who plays netball for the Sunshine Girls, has been a tower of strength and has given him full support.

"I now have an assistant coach, in former KC high jumper, Trevaughn Brown, who is working with the jumpers, and this has been making my work much easier, and I expect good results in this area," Rochester said.

He expects great things from some of his athletes in the upcoming season.

"On the female side, I expect team captain Angel Stewart to do well in Class Two girls 100 and 200 metres. I also have a secret project for Class Three 100 metres, who will surely make herself known by the end of the Corporate Area Championships," he said.

"On the male side, Jordane Ferguson is expected to lead the way in Class Two 200 metres. I also expect to do well in Class Two 4x100 metres," concluded Rochester.

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