Reggae Girl Cameron makes a beauty statement

October 20, 2023
Tiffany Cameron
Tiffany Cameron

Everyone wants to stand out in some part of their life, and standing out is just what Canadian-born Reggae Girl Tiffany Cameron is doing.

Not just with her skilful plays but also her unique appearance, as she made history by becoming the first female player whose vitiligo features will appear on the football video game EA Sports FC 24 (formerly FIFA).

She says she hopes this moment will fuel a change in how people diagnosed with vitiligo will be regarded.

"I want this to remind those in the vitiligo community that we are seen and valued. We must own our unique skin and not be ashamed of it. Vitiligo is art, in my opinion," the forward and midfielder said.

She said this is an exciting moment for her and hopes this honour will help her to impact change for the vitiligo community.

"I'm honoured to be the first to represent the vitiligo community in EA Sports FC 2024. I'm glad that I can do what I love while impacting the lives of many worldwide," she said. "God assigned me on this Earth to display my gifts, shed my love wherever I go and remind people that inner beauty will last for a lifetime, so it's essential to learn to love yourself first. Everything else will follow."

Cameron argued that including her unique features in the game shocked her.

"It took me by surprise because my friend played my avatar on EA Sports FC 3.5 weeks ago, and the only thing that resembled me in that game was the braid. It was a wholesome experience when I was told that this update was made," Cameron told STAR Sports.

According to the National Institutes of Health, vitiligo is a chronic and long-lasting autoimmune disorder, causing patches of skin to lose pigment or colour. Cameron was diagnosed with this disorder seven years ago.

Regaining confidence was hard for Cameron, but she says she has come to love herself. She hopes her features in the recently updated EA Sports FC 24 video game will motivate others in the vitiligo community to love themselves more.

"I have more confidence now because I don't waste time worrying about whether someone thinks I'm beautiful. I know I'm a beautiful person inside and out, and that's what matters the most to me," the 32-year-old boldly stated. "I accept who I am, no matter how much my skin changes. I want others in the vitiligo community to accept what they can't change and embrace their skin."

This isn't the only historic moment Cameron has been a part of as she played a crucial role in the Reggae Girlz making back-to-back FIFA Women's World Cup and advancing to the second round of this year's staging.

Cameron, born to Jamaican parents, has also been shining on the international scene as her accolades include being named the 2021-2022 Player of the Year by the Hungarian Federation.

She currently represents Real Betis in the Spanish Liga.

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