Niece wasting my money on her loser boyfriend

March 22, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I live in the US, and I have relatives in Jamaica. I try to help them, but the more I send for them, is the more they want from me. They never have any money.

Money is their big problem. I have a niece, and she is 21 years old. I paid for her to go to school, and she left school without getting even one subject.

She got pregnant, and I sent her back to school. She got pregnant again in the first term. Her boyfriend is not working. When I asked why he was not working, she said he couldn't get any work.

My relatives told me that this guy is just bleaching out himself, and he has other girls. So I have stopped sending her my money.

Many of these young women are not ambitious. I have to work two jobs and face cold weather. It is not easy up here. And, I have my own children to see about.

Pastor, you keep up the good work.


Dear L.B,

A wise person should not just spend money on anyone without having some form of accountability. I know many people who live abroad have tried to help relatives in Jamaica to go to school, but some of these relatives are not ambitious.

Add to that, some believe that money is easy to come by. They fail to realise that it is tough to work two or three jobs abroad. And when money is sent to Jamaica, it is done through sacrifice.

You were sending money for this young woman, and she was blowing your money, so to speak. You had a right to stop.


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