Thinking of adopting a child

April 12, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. It is so enjoyable. My husband and I have been living together but we do not have children. My husband had one son but he said that the mother did not register him in his name. The mother registered the boy in her name and after she got married, she changed his name and put her husband's name as his father. My husband has not had any other children. When I first met him, I had to convince him that not all women were the same. He trusted his child's mother but she let him down. All she wanted was his money. She went to America, went back to school and became a nurse. His son lived with her siblings. Then this woman got involved with the doctor and married him and it appeared as if the doctor adopted her son and his name was changed. Now the boy doesn't want anything to do with his biological father. I have been trying to tell my husband that we should adopt a boy or a girl because we are still young but he doesn't know whom to trust.


Dear E.S.,

Your husband has suffered a great loss. What this woman has done to him is not right. It is the pride of a man's heart to know that he has a son, and no woman should take away that joy from him and give it to another man unless he gave his consent for her to do so. I always say that no matter how far a man is away from his children, he should always keep in touch with them. Evidently, your husband did not do so. Concerning the adoption, it is something for both of you to consider doing. Please discuss it with the people at the adoption board.


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