Tenant thinks sex can substitute for rent

April 14, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 45-year-old man and I have two children living aboard. I live in a three-bedroom house. I am employed, but my pay is small. I told my children that I am going to rent one of the rooms. My daughter told me not to do so. My son said I should do what I feel like. One day, I was standing at my gate and a woman asked me if I knew anywhere she could rent. She said she did not have a man, as she had left the one she had. I told her I had a room for rent, but I preferred to rent it to a single man. She asked me if she could see it and I said yes. I showed her the room and I told her it was going for $25,000 a month with shared facilities, such as bathroom and kitchen. She said she would take it. When I told my daughter, she reiterated that I should not rent it. Anyway, I did not listen to her. I rented this woman my place and when I came back from work, she had my dinner ready. I did not ask her to cook, but she worked at a school, so she got home early and cooked. I told her she did not have to cook for me and she said it did not make sense for me to cook so we could just cook one pot.

She paid me rent for the first two months, but I could not get any money for the third. I told her that I needed my rent. She started to tell me that she was in debt. To cut a long story short, this woman went to the bathroom and came out wearing just a towel. She then started to say that I must want something as she is a very beautiful woman. I took her up on her offer one evening and she performed much better than a young girl. I could not even keep up. Therefore, I did not get my rent for the third or fourth months. But when I talked to her about it, she said that we were living together so she should not have to pay rent. I am trying to tell her that she has to leave and that my children are coming to spend the summer with me. But she knows that I am lying. I want to get this woman out of my house. I need your advice.


Dear D.C.,

You should demand your money from this woman. Having a sexual relationship with her was not a part of the plan when you agreed to rent her the room. You did so because you wanted money. She seduced you and in your weakness, you fell for her. But when the sexual moments were over, you still needed your money. Her sex could not take the place of the money. You are wrong to rent this place to this woman. When you decided to rent the room, you intended to rent it to a single male, but you allowed this woman to charm you and, as I see it now, you are going to have a difficult time to get this woman to leave. If she does leave, it is unlikely that she will pay you what she owes. It is also likely that she will tell a lot of lies about you. I hope you gave receipts when she paid you the rent. Give this woman notice to leave this room. I suggest that you ask a lawyer to guide you on this matter because it might have to end up in court. Keep away from her nakedness. I wish you well.


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