Unfair sister cursed me over my money

April 29, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I have decided to write to you because I can't receive any justice from my relatives. I have a sister who is married and living with her husband. He is working and she is working, but she never has money.

I am not earning a lot of money but I don't spend my money on shoes, clothes and false hair as my sister does. She came to me and told me that her husband was in debt and they were planning to take her to court, but Pastor, she didn't want the embarrassment. She asked me to give her a loan of a $100,000. She knew I had the money because we are family and we were talking, and I told her what I was able to put away.

She told me she was going to get a partner money so I should not have any fear about getting back the money. She asked me to give her two months to pay me back, and I told her I am going to give her three months instead.

After two months had passed, I reminded her that she should give me back the money at the end of the third month. She 'rushed me' and shouted at me. She told me she was not a thief. I told her that I was not accusing her of stealing.

At the end of the three months, I went to her calmly and asked her for the money. She said she was depending on partner but she didn't get the partner money. I told her I was not pleased and it is now six months, and she hasn't given me back not even a cent. I complained to my parents about what she did and my so-called Christian sister gave me a thorough cussing over my own money. I did not expect that from her.

Her husband was able to change his car and yet they are not able to pay me back. I told her to try to give me $25,000 a month. She agreed but I have not got anything from her. I told her I would take her to court, but Pastor, I really don't mean that. I have a boyfriend and he told me that he is not going to get involved. I don't know if my mother spoke to her and I don't know what she told my mother, but my mother told me that I should give her more time. She is my sister but I can never trust her again. I should have kept my money in the bank and earn interest on it.


Dear J.,

Your sister is not businesslike and she is behaving as a person that one cannot trust. She should be glad that you were in a position to assist her when her husband and herself were in need. You made one mistake, as you did not put this agreement in writing.

I know you did not think of that because you believe that as your sister you could trust her and she would honour her word. Even if you did not charge her interest, she should have signed an agreement to pay you back your money in three months. I believe that she will eventually pay you, but right now, it looks like she does not have the intention to do so any time soon. Her husband doesn't have any shame because she gave you the impression that he needed help, and since you loaned her the money, he has changed cars.

I get the impression that they can pay you back your money. The latest agreement you have made with her is to at least give you $25,000 a month, and not even that she is doing. Shame on her. Shame! shame!

I believe that she got her partner money and spent it doing other things. Your sister has made it bad for other siblings who might need your help. Be careful, don't be eager to help anyone by giving them loans. Money is hard to earn so protect your money. I hope that whenever she has repaid the loan you let me know.


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