Husband wants sex after I just had a baby

May 06, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a young mother and I gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago. My grandmother advised me to rest my body and not to engage in sex soon after that.

But my greedy husband wanted me to have sex with him four weeks after I gave birth. I could not believe that he was serious when he tried to have sex with me about a month after I gave birth. I told him the truth. When I did not have sex with him he started to feel me up and carrying on and he masturbated right there. Pastor, I am now feeling guilty. This is my second child. When I had my first child, my vagina was torn but that did not happen this time. This man has accused me of having another man. I don't think he is serious but he should not say that to me. He told me that I better prepare myself for him because he is giving me one more week to get myself together otherwise he is going to go and look a woman even if he has to go to Back Road.


Dear Anonymous,

Your husband has said things to you that are very unfortunate. It is your right to refuse to have sexual intercourse with him. Your grandmother gave you good advice and your husband should indeed give you time and not force you to have sex with him. Physiologically, you are not ready either. I think the Back Road talk is nonsense and I hope he doesn't mean that and he knows you don't have another man in your life. So don't let what he said upset you. Take good care of yourself and take care of the young baby.


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