Worried if I can satisfy my husband

May 14, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 21-year-old young woman and I am engaged to be married this December. My boyfriend lives in America and plans to come to Jamaica to marry me. His parents also live in America. We are hoping that this COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end long before December so that we can have our dream wedding.

We were planning to get married in a hotel, but his parents are very religious and they have encouraged us to get married in a church, then go to the hotel for the reception and go to the north coast for honeymoon. I think that is what we will do. His parents are not poor. They are paying for everything. My father doesn't like that. He says that as the father of the bride, he should be responsible for doing something. But I told my daddy to save his money and let them spend what they want to spend.

I told my father that he can pay for the limousine to take me to the church and then to the reception, but he wants to do more than that. I know that my father is trying and I don't want him to feel embarrassed at all. Not even my wedding gown I will have to purchase. My husband's people plan to buy it and bring it down from America. I am still a virgin and the big problem I am facing is whether I can satisfy my husband. I weigh just a little more than 120 pounds and my husband weighs more than 200 pounds. When I talked to my mother about his size, she laughed at me and told me that I will handle it very well and nobody has ever died from doing it. I told my mother that I might be the first to die.


Dear T.,

I am glad that you are getting married. The parents of the man you hope to marry are willing to pay for everything for the wedding. Allow them to do so and tell your father that he should not be embarrassed at all. Yes, he can pay for the limousine if you think that is what he should do, but even that is not cheap.

You are concerned about whether you will be able to please your husband. You need not worry about that. You will handle him very well. You have a good rapport with your mother so she willd tell you what to do. Start reading books about love making and so on and when your fiance comes to Jamaica before the wedding, try and get a few sessions in premarital counselling. I wish you well. Don't stress yourself.


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