Facebook boyfriend wants to see nude pictures

May 26, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 21-year-old college graduate who is very ambitious and focused mainly on my studies. I recently joined Facebook. As soon as I joined I got a friend request from a guy.

I didn't take it seriously and I accepted the request. He sent messages to me and introduced himself and I replied to the messages accordingly. We later exchanged photos of each other and talked for hours and hours, and days turned into two months. He later confessed his feelings to me and said that he loved me. I don't trust strangers easily and it had only been two months. So I replied to him saying, "I am sorry but our feelings are not the same and I see you only as a friend." He replied, "I don't want us to be just friends." He continually texted me to the point that we told each other everything every day and if I did not reply to his text, he would get sad. Although we are from different countries we have a lot in common. He eventually asked if he could be my boyfriend and I said yes. We sent each other love messages every day and our relationship went well for a few days until he started asking me to send him naked photographs, and I am very uncomfortable with his request. As we have just got together, I am looking at the situation in all different ways, and the thing I was most afraid of was being used by someone and then kicked aside. He said that if I want to prove my love for him I should send him naked photos. What should I do, Pastor?


Dear D.L.,

I want to thank you for your letter. You were very cautious when you met this guy on Facebook but he convinced you to be his friend. But now you should realise that he is nothing but a snake in the grass. You should not continue to have him as a friend. You should drop him immediately. It is unfortunate that he knows a lot about you. He is very out of order to ask you for nude pictures of yourself. You would be very crazy to send him these pictures. If you were to do so he could take them and sell them to magazines and also send them to people who publish pornographic magazines, or do whatever he wants to do with them. He sees you as a weak and loose girl. You don't want this kind of man as your friend. You should unfriend him right away. Have nothing to do with him. He is a liar and trickster.


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