Sister says my husband got her pregnant

June 02, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. I didn't know that my younger sister was so wicked. I am 33 years old. I have been living with my man for seven years.

My younger sister was living in the country and really struggling. She has two children with her boyfriend and he has not been supporting them well. She asked me if I would allow her to come to Kingston and stay with me to seek a job. I discussed it with my mother and she said I should really try to help her. My mother decided to keep the children and that wicked girl came to Kingston and she was on her cell phone all day, every day. She became involved with the guy who works in the complex where I live. When I saw what was going on, I reminded her that she had her children's father in the country. She said nothing was going on between them. The other people in the complex told me that something was going on because the guy was always at our place. She wasn't feeling well and I asked her what was wrong with her, but she said she didn't know. But she missed her period. I asked her if she thought she was pregnant and she said it was possible. Right away I thought about the gardener and she said immediately that if she was pregnant, it was for my husband because he was the only who troubled her. Pastor, I don't know how I did not faint. I asked her if my husband troubled her and she said yes. I know my husband did not have anything to do with this girl. She is just wicked and she wants to destroy my husband's reputation and our relationship. She is indeed pregnant. I spoke to the gardener and I asked him if he had sex with my sister and he said yes. I also asked him if they used a condom and he said no. I begged my husband to tell me the truth and he said he never touched her, and I believe him. Dear Pastor, what should I do?


Dear K.,

This is a case where one can say 'sorry for mawga dog, mawga dog turn around and bite you'. You took your sister in to your home hoping that you would help her and she has turned out to be a big disappointment to you and is determined to wreck your relationship. Perhaps she is upset with you because you told her that she should not be having an intimate relationship with the gardener. What a vicious lie to tell on your husband if indeed he has never touched her. Well, I could only say to you, keep heart because the truth will be known. A DNA test can prove whether or not she is speaking the truth. Don't allow what she says to destroy your marriage. As I say, keep heart.


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