Think my girlfriend is ‘too easy’

June 21, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I have written to you before but I did not get an answer. I hope that you have the time to answer me. I am 30 years old. I have a girlfriend who is 25 years old. We have been together for the last two years. She is very nice to me. She is still living at home with her people. I am living alone. I used to have a girlfriend but we stopped seeing each other after I found out that she was a two-timer. I have tried to get her to leave home and to come and live with me, but she does not want to leave her parents' house.

I don't trust her. I believe that she knows that if she comes to live with me, she would not be free to go wherever she wants to go, and Pastor, I remember when she went out with me for the first time.

Before I took her home, we had sex twice that evening. So it is always on my mind that if she and I could have sex the very first time we went out together, nothing can stop her from doing the same with other guys. I certainly can't stop her from doing so because we are not living together. She is very good looking. She has a good job.

She says she loves me but she does not spend any money on me. If I ask her for a loan, she does not give it to me. I don't know how you see this relationship. Do you think that a good woman has sex with a man on the first date? Please answer my letter.


Dear T.E.,

If you did not believe that your girlfriend is a good woman, why have you being trying to convince her to come and live with you? The relationship is over two years old, so why are you now concerned that she had sex with you twice on your first date? She does not want to live with you but that does not mean she is bad. Some women are not willing to live with their boyfriends.

This woman does not have to depend on you for anything and she is not willing to give you loans. If you want to get loans, you should try and apply to the banks or a cooperative credit union.

Frankly, I think she is a smart woman. She knows that some men like to borrow from them and not pay them back. Therefore, she is not willing to take the risk with you. Join a credit union my dear sir and save your money so whenever you need help, you can get your money from your credit union.

It is unfair to accuse this woman of being very easy to go to bed with just because she did so with you. This woman likes her own space. She does not want to live with you, so I would say don't push the issue.


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