I want this money man for myself

July 07, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I read your column every day. I have something on my mind. I met a man and all my problems, including those I had for 15 years, are gone. I used to be broke and this man told me what to do with $300, and after I did it, everywhere that I went for a job, I got it. I can eat fried chicken daily and I can cook rice and peas and chicken every day if I want. He taught me a secret prayer and every time I say it, I see what I want to happen take place. Sometimes I am so shocked that goose bumps cover my body. He told me that if I had met him while I was younger, he would have seen to it that I became a doctor. I believe him because he tried to help me to get a job at the bank but I told him that I did not have any subjects. Now he is trying to help me to do bookkeeping and accounting. When there was an earthquake, I saw him hold up his hand and the shaking stopped immediately. He told me that something was going to shut the world down, and then came COVID-19. To me, he is not an ordinary man. He does not talk to people easily. He does not keep close friends. He only makes big plans and speak to the need for a better world. I am better in every way since I met him. He is disappointed in me because, according to him, I do not have much ambition. He said he will give me a house, car and money, but he will not marry me because he wants to marry an educated woman. His sisters are educated professionals and he can't disappoint them. Whenever I touch him, money turns up in my hand and he is always telling me not to touch him. I want this man but I am selling at the market. I am not interested in becoming a professional. I value him very highly. He has good qualities. He is very gifted when it comes to bedroom works. I am convinced he is sent straight from heaven to this world because he has saved my life. He gave me a place to live but at the same time he wants me to help him find a decent, caring and ambitious woman. But any woman who is going to get this man would have to pay me $1 million just to get his phone number. I am going to take the car and the money he has promised me. Could you recommend me a coach to help me lift my ambition and my standard? Or should I hook up a woman of high standard with this man?


Dear M.S.,

We cannot publish some of the things you have written in your letter. This guy must be very special. You give the impression that he has special gifts because since you met him, everything you touched has turned to gold, so to speak. I can only say that I am glad that you are not suffering any more, and through this man, all your bills are paid. You did not give your age but judging from your letter, you are probably in your 30s. This man says he wants a professional. He want to marry a professional, so you are with him to get what you can get before time runs out on you. You give the impression that this man can create mischief. He gave you $300 when he first met you and since that time, you have never been broke. I don't see why he can't find a woman on his own. I am not here to insult you but it seems to me that this man is making a fool of you. I don't know where he is from but you better be careful with him, he may get you into trouble.


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