Former caregiver stole from me

July 23, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I thank you for the good job you are doing and although I am an old man, I read your column. I am a father of seven children with three different women. I love my children. Most of them are doing well. Some of them don't even remember to call me, but I can always look forward to something from some of them. Two of my children came and made an arrangement with a woman to take care of me. They called her my caregiver but after she was here with me for about two weeks, I had to ask her to leave because everything that was bought in the house she used up or took away. She would allow her man to sneak into the house while I was asleep.

When I told her to go she told me I couldn't fire her because I did not employ her, so one of my sons who got her the job spoke to her and told her to leave immediately. When she left I was missing some knives and forks that my wife had and we hardly used. When my son asked her what really was the problem between the both of us, she said I don't like her because I asked her for sex and she did not agree. Nothing like that happened. I never had that in mind and the only reason why I agreed to have her there is because my children insisted that I should not be in the house alone and that I was overworking myself.

If she had asked me permission for her boyfriend to visit her and stay overnight, I would not have objected to that because she wanted to use here like a brothel and I was not OK with that. I would like to get back the things she took away, but I don't know where to find her.


Dear D.G.,

I am sure that your children meant well when they got this woman to come to the house and work as your caregiver. They probably should have found out more about her, but I would tell you not to allow the accusations she made about you to upset you. When a woman is working with someone and they have a disagreement, she can be quick to accuse them of sexual misconduct. You know that you are not guilty of that so put that behind you. Now, concerning the cutleries and other things that you alleged that she took away, don't even go after her for them. I would ask you to seek another person to help you because at your age, you need someone around to assist you. I wish you well.


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