Pregnant for my boss

August 12, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 years old and I am pregnant, but my boyfriend is not the father. I know for sure that this child I am carrying is not his, but he thinks that it is his child. I spent a night at the home of my boss. His woman was not there and we had sex. I should have seen my period two weeks after I slept with him, but I did not see my period, and my period is never late.

I have sex with my boyfriend so he would have no reason to question my pregnancy. I have been asking myself why I cheated on my boyfriend. This is not something I ever thought I would do, but that night I had too much to drink. I remember this man taking me to his bed and assisting me in taking off my clothes, and that was it. I know he did not rape me. Whatever happened was consensual, but now I am carrying this bump and it is not for my man. I can't afford for people to call me bad. I can't afford to lose my man. My baby is due in October and it is going to be a boy. This man has been supporting the baby already. He has given me money to purchase everything that I would need. The only thing that would destroy me is if my boyfriend should find out that the child is not his. What do you suggest I do?


Dear T,

You have already decided not to tell your boyfriend that he is not the father of the child. You have decided to give him a jacket, with waistcoat and all. It seems that deceiving him will not bother your conscience at all. You are going to carry this as a secret, and your son will believe that your boyfriend is his biological father. You are a deceiver.

Why did you go to the home of your boss and you know that you should not have gone there? You also knew that it was not right for you to drink so many alcoholic beverages. I am not suggesting that your boss wilfully got you drunk, but he got you to the place where you had too much to drink and weren't able to resist him. Perhaps after you have your baby, and the child gets to a certain age, people are going to see that, as we say in Jamaica, he is the 'dead stamp' of your boss. People will talk and see you as a homewrecker. I hope that you know that it will be wise to seek employment elsewhere. I suggest that you discuss that with your boss.


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