She used my money to buy her boyfriend a car

August 25, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am contacting you because I need your advice. I am 40 years old and I have six children. Four of them are with different women.

Only two of them are with one woman and I realise now that I am in trouble with this woman. I love her and I love our children but she has disappointed me. Her father gave her a piece of land and she told me that I can build on the land. So I went on the farm work programme and I sent money to her to put in the account for us to start the building when I got home. One of her brothers is a mason. I told them what I would like for us to build. We wanted three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a little veranda. When I came back, only the foundation was done. This woman could not tell me what she did with all the money I sent. I heard from her other brother that she took my money and gave one of her boyfriends to buy a car to use as a taxi.

I didn't know anything about him. The little money that was left, I did my best to work on the house until I was able to put on the roof. Every time I think about the amount of money I sent to this woman, I quarrel. One day I went to her father and complained and he told me since we cannot get along I should leave. I asked him what about the money that I had spent and he told me he did not care about that. So right now I am staying with a friend and I have to be riding a bicycle while this woman has another man driving a car. I am thinking of suing her for my money. I need my money to start life somewhere else.

Initial Withheld

Dear Writer,

You have played around too much and when you finally decided to settle with a woman, you settled with a dishonest one. She didn't love you in the first place and that is why she took your money and gave it to her lover to purchase a car. She knew you were going to come back to Jamaica and ride your bicycle and she didn't want a bicycle man in her life any more. She wanted a man who has a car. Her father is standing with his daughter although you and her have two children together. That is not her father's concern. Even though both of you are not getting along, he is saying in his mind 'Get off my land.'

I am not a lawyer and I know for sure that you will not get any money from this girl. How can you prove that the money you sent her was used to buy another man a car? I think that money is dead, dead, dead. You may want to discuss your problem with an attorney. Take care of your bicycle and take care of yourself. You will find a good woman but don't be in any hurry to look for one. I further suggest that you work on yourself and in the future you will get a good woman to make you happy.


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