My lover is eating me out

May 27, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 70 years old and I still read your column. I live alone. My husband died five years ago and he left me on a lovely piece of property and in a beautiful home.

I am still very active. I go to church but not as often as I used to. My church brethren come to see me. They never leave me alone. My property has fruit trees.

I am in a bit of trouble because I have got myself involved with a man who is much younger than I am. He is 45. It started when I asked him to do some gardening for me. When I asked him to pick some breadfruit for me, he asked me for some of them and I told him to take as many as he could. He took them and sold them and did not give me a cent. He has a girlfriend and she called me and cursed me and told me that I wanted to take away her man. I don't know what he told her but I am not going to lie to you, he is a nice-looking man. My daughter who lives abroad visited and she saw the way we moved together. She warned me to be careful.

I have allowed myself to get involved with him, so now he wants to tell me what I should or should not do. He is always broke and I have to be giving him money. But the thing that hurts me is that his girlfriend is telling me that I am trying to take her man away from her and I must remember that I am an old woman. He told me that he would like to stay with me. I need his company, but I am confused. I don't want my church to read me out. So, please tell me what to do.


Dear S.,

This man has worked his way into your life. He sees you as a woman who is not a beggar. You have your own home. You can support yourself very well.

So, he wants to get some of the money that you have. While others will condemn you, I will not. You have been a little careless. You flirted with this man because you like the thought that a much younger man would see you and like you. Your daughter came to Jamaica and saw how close you and this man were and warned you to be careful. You probably thought that you could control yourself and that she was meddling in your affairs. But she was able to read that young man and she tried to put you on your guard.

This man said something to his girlfriend. Perhaps, he told her that you loved him and that made her bold enough to call you and to tell you to leave her man alone. So, hear me now, tell this man that you do not need him anymore. Thank him for everything that he has done for you, but you do not appreciate the call from his woman and you do not wish him to come back to your place. Make sure you don't owe him any money. Make sure that you pay him and let him go his way.

You are 70 years old. If you feel the need for a man, make sure that you get someone who is older. Be careful, dear lady. Try your best to keep out of trouble.


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