My girlfriend addicted to high grade

August 09, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am a 19-year-old man and I have done one year in university. I have a girlfriend, and I am concerned about her. Recently, we were together and I smelled ganja.

I asked her whether she used ganja, but she did not answer. I asked her again and she said she used it sometimes. She smokes the weed.

I was so shocked, because that is something that I have tried not to do. She told me that she only got into the smoking of the weed a year ago, and she enjoyed doing it because it helped to keep her calm when she was under stress. It relaxes her when she smokes. I could not bother to kiss her, because the ganja smell was so strong.

I love this girl, I really do. But I cannot introduce her to my relatives or to my parents. If she is going to be smoking the weed, what do you think I should do?


Dear A.,

I am going to suggest that you do not drop this young lady right away. You should still keep her as a friend and work with her. But if she continues to smoke, you should end the relationship with her. I also want you to know that she is going to try to get you to use drugs, and to tell you that nothing is wrong with a little drug. Perhaps both of you can even search the Internet and see how drugs can affect a person.

People who continue to smoke can suffer from throat, lung and stomach cancer, and it can even affect one's control of oneself. People who smoke may even come to the place where they become careless with their schoolwork and they will lose their focus in life. So work with your girlfriend for a while and try to get her off the drug. But if she insists, end the relationship with her.


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