Married woman trying to steal my husband

March 13, 2023

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you and your lovely staff. You might not remember me, but you officiated at my wedding and did not charge me.

I told you that my fiance and I were having financial problems, but we wanted to get married, and you officiated. We still talk about you. We left Jamaica after we got married and are now living in the US state of New Jersey. We are planning to visit Jamaica in the summer, and hope to visit your church while we are there.

We have two boys and they are doing very well in school. My husband thinks that I am miserable, but I am not. The girls up here like him and I find myself warning him to be careful. He is too easy-going, and everybody wants to use him. Even the women who are married call on him to assist them. I have had to ask them where their husbands are. One of them was bold enough to tell me that I should learn to share my husband. I told her that I am not in the business of sharing my food.

My husband told me that she has always invited him to her house when her husband is not at home, and she does not sit properly when he is there. I told him not to go back. One day she called and said that she was having plumbing problems in her bathroom. I told her that my husband is not a plumber, so she should call one. She said she didn't have the money. I told her to turn off the water until her husband came home.

My husband is not an official plumber, but he can help himself. How did this woman know about that? I have warned my husband not to eat from these women, but he does not listen to me. Whenever he gets things from them and he brings them home, I throw them away. Apart from his kindness to other women, we don't have any problems. He is a hard-working man.

We might have to leave this state because we are trying to save to purchase a home. Inthe area where we live, houses are very expensive. We are looking at Florida. We are both in good jobs. We do not just want to pull up and leave; we also have to think about our children. Take good care of yourself, Pastor. We love you and we hope to see you soon.


Dear R.D.,

Some women never stop looking and admiring other men although they are married. Many women admit that although they love their husbands, there are things that are lacking in their relationships.

Other men can fill the areas that they are lacking. Unfortunately, some men are excited to know that other women love them, and they fail to realise that these women set traps for them.

When I was in seminary, one lecturer told us how careful we should be. He said that there was a woman who loved a certain man he knew and her husband hated him. The woman called the guy one day and told him that she would like to see him because she was in trouble. He told her that he would come over to see her. He called a friend and asked him to accompany him to this woman's house. When they rang the bell, the woman opened the door and she had on see-through garment and no underwear. They refused to go inside. They told her that they were happy everything was alright, then they drove away. This man who took his friend with him was very wise.

When some women want to trap men, they always complain about the plumbing in their home. So it is time for your husband to listen to you and learn. It would be a delight to see you and your husband when you visit Jamaica. I am glad I was able to assist you, and I am very happy that the family is doing well. Take good care of yourself.


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