Think my mother is too strict

March 16, 2023

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time that I am writing to you. I am 19 years old and I read your column every day. I also listen to you on the radio. I am in college, and I got here because of the advice you have given to many young people like me.

My parents are both educators. My father is much older than my mother. I relate much better to my father than to my mother. She is always warning me about not getting pregnant.

I was eager to leave home because all my mother talked about was what young girls wanted. Sometimes I used to sit and reason with my dad and he told me what I should do. He tells me secrets that my mother does not know about him. My father has my name in one of his accounts, and he has willed me one of the houses that my parents have together; I saw the will.

My father has two outside sons. He told me that he is going to give them two pieces of land he has in Clarendon and they can either sell those lots or build on them. My father told me that my mother told him that I may choose a man that he does not like, and this man will get the house that he has worked so hard to buy.

I have my head on my body. My husband will not be able to fool me. I have a boyfriend. My mother does not know him, but my father does. Had it not been for my mother, I would not have left home so soon, but she nags me a lot and I am over 18. My father wanted to have more children, but my mother did not want more.

As soon as I graduate, I would like to get married and have four children. I know that I would have to take care of my father.


Dear Writer,

I am sure that your mother means well, so she is constantly warning you to be careful. She knows that there are some wicked men around who would use you just to satisfy their sexual desires.

I don't want to think that your father does not trust your mother, but it appears that way. Why would he not tell your mother that he wants you to have one of the houses that they own? He has also told you secrets that he has not revealed to your mother.

I hope you will never let them down. I hope you will be very careful in what you do, so that you will make your parents proud of you. I wish you very well in college. Study hard, and whatever your goal might be, may you reach it. I wish you well.


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