Sister giving her man bun in their house

May 02, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I would like to hear from you on this matter. My sister has been living with a man for about two years. She has a child with him. She says that he does not give her much money.

He is very mean and so for that reason, she is taking her chances by sleeping with another man. This other man is her neighbour, and he is not living far from her. I told her to be careful. She told me that she is more than careful. This other man has come to the house while her boyfriend is sleeping. Both of them have made love in the living room and her boyfriend did not wake up. He was sound asleep from start to finish. She said before they started to have sex, her boyfriend went and used the toilet and went straight back to sleep.

The first time she had sex with her neighbour, he gave her $5,000. She protested that it was too small and he told her that he did not spend enough time with her because he was nervous. She said she did not know how to handle that part, but the second time her man slept as a baby because after she fed him, she gave him some wine, and the wine helped him to sleep much longer. It has been three times now that my sister and this man have had sex, but I am scared for her because I told her that she can never know when this man can wake up and see them together. She wears her nightie, but nothing underneath, so if her boyfriend wakes up, he would not see her naked.

I did not know my sister was so bad. I told her to stop encouraging this man to keep coming to her house, but she said it is safer for him to come than for her to go where he is. I am telling my sister to leave her boyfriend, but I cannot accommodate her where I am, so please, I need your advice.


Dear R.B.,

Your sister is very brave indeed. People talk about luck and if indeed there is something called luck, her luck is likely to run out. This man may wake up while your sister and her lover are having fun and they may not even hear when he has woken up. She should not be having sex in her man's house with another man. She is out of order, and if her man is mean, then she should leave him or find a job to support herself.

Don't encourage your sister to continue to take that risk. She is playing with her life.


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