Think this guy tied me with freaky sex

May 04, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am living in the US and I met this guy in Jamaica a few months ago. We have been dating since. I went back to Jamaica to visit him soon after we met and we had sex. The sex was good but I wasn't very much in love with him.

However, I went back again and I spent a few days with him. While having sex he told me to open my mouth and he spat in my mouth. He said "you can't leave me now". For the duration of the sex, I was shocked. I am not the type of person to believe in obeah, or believing that a man can tie a woman. But I felt that this man actually tied me to him. I cannot function now that I am back home. I want to be on the phone constantly with this man. I am already making plans to go back to Jamaica to marry him and bring him to America. I want to have a child by him. It is ridiculous how things changed so quickly.

Pastor, I don't know if I'm allowing my mind to rule me or if this man actually tied me to him. I don't want to move too fast and later regret what I have done. So I am asking for your advice.


Dear S.J.,

You are concerned that you might be moving too fast. You are indeed moving at a rapid pace. But I don't have the knowledge to tell you whether it is as a result of this man spitting in your mouth or because he is good in bed. It is the first time I am hearing that what this man did to you could have such an effect on a woman. You seem to believe that it has.

You have not said what type of work this man does and whether he is capable of supporting you. You seem to want him out of Jamaica so that no other woman will get him.

I must suggest to you that before you tie the knot with this man, you try to find out as much as you can about him and that both of you go for premarital counselling.


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