Wife says her ex was better in bed

June 08, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for four years. My wife originally came from Jamaica. We are living in America. The problem she is having is, she judges me by the standard of her former boyfriend. She said I cannot please her because my penis is too small, and he was able to have sex for over an hour. I don't have that stamina and she told him so, because I have heard her saying to him that she is sorry that she left him and married me.

I told my wife that I will give her a divorce so that she can marry this man, and I will find a woman who would be happy with me. Part of the problem my wife is having with me is that she is very fat, and I told her that she should try and take off some weight. She interprets that to mean I can't manage her. She tells me that she does not love me as a husband; she loves me just like a friend.

I married this woman because I fell in love with her. I found out later that she just wanted a marriage certificate to get her permanent visa in America. Well, now that she has a permanent visa, she is showing her real colours. I don't have anything to give her, and I told her so. Her daughter told me that all her mother wants from me is freedom, so that she can go and live with another man. The other man is a bum. He is her daughter's father and he does not work. He is at the home of relatives. He has been living here for years and has nothing.

This woman does not have any love for me. We don't even sleep together any more. This is my second marriage. When I met her, I told her that I would like to serve the Lord. She said that she would like to do that, too. Now, everything is in the reverse. I have to clean the house, do the washing and the cooking. I have made up my mind to be single again. I will never remarry.

She is now working, but she will not buy anything for the house. Do you suggest that I should give her the divorce she wants?


Dear S.P.,

You have put your fingers on the wrong document. This woman pretended that she loved you, but she had one aim in view, and that was to get you to consent to marry her, and for her to live in America.

You should set her free. You need to get advice from a lawyer. Not all marriages work. You will have no peace if you continue to live with this woman. She doesn't love you. You have to do everything for yourself. She is not your wife. On paper, yes, but emotionally and psychologically, she is nothing to you. She is killing you softly. I repeat, go and see a lawyer and they will advise you on what to do.

The woman says you are too small. She wants a man with a long penis. She did not tell you that before you got married. When a woman tells her husband that he is too small and her boyfriend was a better lover, she is actually saying that she will cheat on him. So don't wait until that happens. Tell her you will help her to pack.


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