Boyfriend dreamed that I got pregnant for another man

September 06, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old and I am pregnant, but the man who got me pregnant is not my lover. My lover is abroad on a special assignment. It is embarrassing to tell you about it, but I must.

It has been four and a half months now that my boyfriend and I have not been able to have sex because he is off the island. I have a visa, but I cannot find my passport.

This guy who got me pregnant is my co-worker. He knows my boyfriend. He and I decided to steal a little love on the side. I told him that I was afraid, but I went along and had sex with him a couple of times. The first time, everything was okay, but the second time the condom broke. I was not aware of it until the following morning. I used the morning-after pill, but it didn't work because I missed my period. When the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant, my co-worker suggested that I 'throw away the belly' and I said no, because I would not be able to live with my conscience.

I have been searching my house and everywhere for my passport, and it cannot be found. I asked this man if he took it up and he said the last time he saw it, it was on my vanity drawer. What was he doing in there? He said he was just curious. So I was not able to visit my boyfriend. Now that I know I am pregnant, I called my boyfriend and told him that I have something to say to him. He said I should not worry, he saw it in a dream that I am pregnant and he would like to wish me well. He is planning to return to Jamaica very soon, and he is hoping to find a faithful wife.

I don't want to see this man. I will not be able to stand seeing him with another woman. He was everything to me. I was never broke while he was in Jamaica. He even opened an account in one of the building societies and my name is in that account. That account is still active. What am I going to do?

This man who got me pregnant can't help me much, he has nothing and he is still living at his parents' home. What can I do?


Dear S.J.,

You asked me to tell me what you should do; that is very easy. I can tell you what to do; have your baby. You were a careless young woman. You have not been faithful to the man who trusted you. This young man has only been away for four and a half months, and you got involved so deeply with a co-worker who got you pregnant. So, have your baby.

Your boyfriend doesn't want you any more. In fact, you left him for a side man who cannot help you much. For a 21-year-old woman, you should know better. You suspect that your co-worker has taken away your passport. I won't get into that. All I can say is, I hope he will take care of you and support his child. Take good care of yourself.


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