Ex-boyfriend was too eager to touch my breasts

September 08, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and when I started to develop breasts, they were much larger than my older sister.

She has very small breasts. Sometimes when we went out, people thought that I was older than my sister because my breasts were larger and I looked more mature than her. When we passed men on the street, not many called to my sister, but they were always calling to me.

When I started to date, my boyfriend always wanted us to make out in his car. He used to tell me how sexy I looked. The first time I felt great sensation from him was when he touched my breasts, and started to play with them. I objected strongly, so he stopped and started again. So I told him that he should take me home because I felt that it was going to lead us into having sex.

When I got home, I told my sister what had happened and she said she has not had that type of experience with her boyfriend. When my boyfriend asked me for another date, I told him that we may go somewhere where people are around us that we would not be tempted to make out or to go all the way. He accused me of not trusting him. I told him that it was not that I didn't trust him, but I did not trust myself. From that experience I had with my boyfriend, I have learned to arouse myself by playing with and fondling my breasts, especially when I am alone or whenever I go to the bathroom to have my shower.

My sister got married and is now pregnant and I am not married, although I have larger breasts than her. My so-called boyfriend and I broke up and he has had many other girls in his life.


Dear M.P.,

Men saw you on the street and thought you were much older than you appeared.

You were developing larger breasts than your sister. Men know that a woman's breasts symbolise femininity. About 50 per cent of women are aware that the breast is a great sexual stimulus. You found that out when your boyfriend and you were making out in the car. You were aroused and you were afraid that both of you would have gone all the way, so you suggested to him that he should take you home.

I am sure you have observed how some women dress. Some barely cover their entire breasts because they want to attract men, and some have even had plastic surgery to have bigger boobs. You have not yet got married, but you know nothing is wrong with you. It is not your time as yet, so don't worry about it.


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