Boyfriend can’t get enough sex

September 25, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old. I am attending school and living with my boyfriend. He is a bus conductor, and every night he wants us to have sex.

I told him that I heard my father talking to two of my brothers, and he was warning them not to abuse themselves by trying to have sex every night. My father told my brothers that they should only do one round and not to go two rounds. They did not know I was listening to their conversation. But, at that time, I did not understand what one round meant. So I asked my friends, and they told me that when a man ejaculates during sex, that is called 'one round', and if he has sex again soon after, and ejaculates a second time, that would be two rounds. Some men like to know that they can have more than one round for one night. So, that was what my father was warning my older brothers not to do.

no worries

I told my boyfriend what my father told my brothers and he said that he was taking care of his body, so he can do two and three rounds. Sometimes after my boyfriend ejaculates and we have sex again, the second set of ejaculation is watery. So I told him that we shouldn't have sex so often, because I want our relationship to last for a long time. He said we don't need to worry about that, we should just eat good food and I should buy certain drinks, and his body will keep up. I don't know if those things he is drinking are good for him. I am only glad that he is not taking drugs. Some of my friends have told me that their boyfriends take drugs to be able to have sex with them for a long time.

I don't have children and he does not want me to get pregnant, either. I just wish that he would listen to me.


Dear M.L.,

Your father was giving your brothers good advice. They did not know that you were listening to them.

But what your father told your brothers caused you to ask important questions such as: "What does it mean when a man does one round?" Men always like to boast how many rounds they can do with a woman. Many times they are lying, but they are trying to big up themselves to show how good they are in bed with their women.

Men should be told that they should wait about 20 hours after they have had an ejaculation. That is to allow the body to store a larger volume of seminal fluid. An intelligent woman will not force a man to make love to her, because she knows when was the last time they had sex, and the 20-25 hours have not passed.

You are a young woman and you should tell your boyfriend that he cannot 'finish' you, and that he is overdoing a good thing. All the men reading my column today, I can say to them, women will finish them, but they cannot finish women.

I am glad that you are attending school; do your very best. I hope that this young man will marry you and that both of you will be happy together.


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