Babymother refuses to do a DNA test

November 15, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I have been living with a woman for three years. We have a daughter together.

She is now pregnant again and she said I am responsible for her pregnancy, but I don't think I am. My company sent me abroad, and I was told that my woman was all over the place with men while I was gone. I asked her why would people just tell lies on her like that, and she can't give me a straight answer. Whenever I called her, she was always at home. But with technology these days, I could not always be certain that she was at home.

I told her that when the child is born, I would like us to do a DNA test. She said that since I don't trust her, I could go about my business and she would support the child. My father has 12 children with my mother and he supported all of us. It wasn't easy for him, but none of us went to bed hungry. Why would I know that I have a child but refuse to support him? But at the same time, I will not support another man's child.

This woman is supposed to have the baby in December. I have bought everything for her. I even bought a crib for the baby, but I have serious doubts. If I am the father, she should not act that way. She should have been willing to do the DNA test and set my mind at ease.

When I was in my late teens, a woman tried to 'throw her belly' on me, but I knew it was not my child and she backed away. So from experience, I know that some of these women throw belly on men.


Dear C..,

This woman should not object to a DNA test, and you should stand firm on the request.

She probably got annoyed when you suggested that a test should be done, but she does not want to do the test. I hope your friends who told you that she was running around with the other guys did not give you that false information about the woman you evidently love. People don't always speak the truth. I believe that you are a good man and you would not want your child and your babymother to suffer.

I am glad that you are assisting the lady in the time of her pregnancy. So continue to support her. Do the DNA test and set your mind at ease.


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