Boyfriend got two women pregnant

November 16, 2023

Dear Pastor

I was in a relationship with a guy for five years. We don't have a child together. Both of us were tested and the results showed that we are both fertile.

We tried last year to start our family but nothing happened. We were living together for three years. We always discussed our future plans together, including when we would like to get married. He got a woman pregnant in the second year of our relationship. It took a while before I forgave him. Everything was going well, but in the fifth year of our relationship, he got another girl pregnant. Although he explained why he got this girl pregnant, I did not feel that it was a justifiable reason. So I broke up with him, and now he wants me back.

I told him that he cannot hurt the person he says he loves. He admitted that he slept with the girl, but he was not sure that the child is his because the girl has her boyfriend. He said he was only having sex for the money, but he does not have any feelings for her. As I said, now he wants me back. But he has betrayed me and there is no more room for him to have another chance with me. He continues to call me every day and he tells me how sorry he is and how he wants to make up with me.

I still love him. I can see that he has changed and trying his best to work out things with me. But how can I trust this man? How can I look this man in his face and give him another chance? I have been single for quite awhile now and I love the way I am feeling. I don't think I need another chapter with him in my life.


Dear G.G.,

You have already decided that you will not go back to this man. So I think that you have written to me to get my opinion on whether you have done the correct thing.

This man has impregnated two different women during the period when both of you were having an intimate relationship. You forgave him the first time, and he went and impregnated another woman. Then he told you that he did it because he needed the money. Was he saying that the girl paid him to have sex with her? If she did, why didn't he use protection? I know that some women pay men to have sex with them occasionally, but wise men protect themselves. They don't just go to any woman because that woman offers them cash.

If a woman is so easy to get, this man would not have been the only man to whom she has offered sex. He is a very careless and irresponsible man. So you are correct in kicking him to the kerb. Don't allow him to convince you that he will be better, so you should take him back. He cannot be trusted.

Try your best to go to school and get a good education. The Lord will help you and may provide a good man for you in the future.


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