Beaten by a blind man * Weird incident shocks onlookers

October 07, 2015

Beaten by a blind man * Weird incident shocks onlookers

Rasbert Turner

STAR Writer

People were left in shock and awe at the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court recently, when an able-bodied man was surprisingly beaten by a blind man.

The high drama, which occurred just outside the entrance of the courthouse, drew a massive crowd of onlookers, who even long after were still trying to figure out how it was possible. So shocked were some of the witnesses that many refused to believe the man was really blind.

"Jesus Christ, I will never trust another blind man again, him really serious. Mi only here wop wop wop and see him cane flying licks," bystander, Lawrence Monroe, who was one of the first persons to be drawn to the commotion, said.

Investigations by The Star revealed that the beaten man was operating a car for the blind man. The vehicle was reportedly damaged and the matter is being dealt with by the court. Onlookers said both men had just exited the courthouse and the blind man, who was obviously perturbed, was provoked into action.

fed up

"Di blind man was coming out of the court and said that he was fed up with how slow him case a progress and said him feel like attacking the other man," another bystander said.

The witnesses explained that the man went in front the blind man and dared him to "try it nuh and...". Before he could finish the sentenced however, he was hit with a number of answered blows from the blind man's cane and fists.

"Di odda man just stand up a tek di lick dem like he was in shock. By time him realise what happen him grab up a big stone to lick di bind man but di police part dem," Paul Baker, another onlooker revealed.

As the men argued and went their separate ways under the eyes of the police, some people could not hold back their laughter while others still too bewildered watched in shock as the men left.