Women on assault charges returns to court Friday

October 28, 2015

Two women involved in a case of assault occasioning bodily harm will have to wait until Friday before a decision can be made in their case, after a

conflicting videotape of their squabble was presented in court.

Charged are Annette Whitfield and Marcia Campbell.

Both women admitted that they know each other, but have had long-standing animosity between them.

Whitfield, who is a mother of three daughters, admitted that she stabbed Campbell, but claimed it was in self-defence after Campbell attacked her.

However, Campbell presented a contrasting account.

"I was returning home and saw her [Whitfield] and another woman standing at my gate. We start cuss, but then me walk away. Only fi si when she run come attack me from behind and start attack me. She stab me with the knife three times," Campbell said.

Campbell also presented video evidence to support her story.

The video clip depicted Whitfield sprinting some distance to catch up and violently stabbing Campbell.

After viewing the video, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey said to the lawyer representing Whitfield, "You saw the video? She ran down the woman and attacked her with a huge knife. That's not self-defence."

The lawyer asked for a mention date on Friday to facilitate "mature discussions" with his client.