Weird News


November 27, 2015

A marching band accidentally spelt out a rude word during a half-time show earlier this week.

The support team for Havard's American football created a flurry of laughs throughout the stadium after they spelt out the word in their on-field formation during a home game.

The mistake was picked up by observant viewers who were quick to tweet their discovery, but many have since speculated the rude blunder was done on purpose.

Jacob Adler tweeted a picture of the formation alongside the caption "Havard band spelling ...... I don't think that happens by accident."

The incident took place during a game against Penn State. The team went on to lose 35-25 ending a 22-game winning streak, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

A Whitney Houston fan was thrown out of a musical for singing too loudly. An unidentified woman was ushered out of a performance of 'The Bodyguard', which stars Alexandra Burke, at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall after she angered other attendees by belting out lyrics to the late star's songs for 20 minutes during the first half.

Sacha Gainard told the Daily Express newspaper: "She was being told off for singing along loudly and badly. She was swearing and being quite aggressive to those who were trying to shush her."

The cast continued with their performance undisturbed.

A wanted man has been arrested after he applied for a job at a police station. John Wesley Rose was finally caught after being sought after by cops for a number of charges including, rape, sodomy and sexual abuse, when he applied to be a custody officer at the Wayne County Sheriff's Department in Detroit.

After an officer at the station ran a background check on the man, which brought up his oustanding warrant, he was called in for a second interview before police handcuffed him.

Communications Director Paula Bridges is quoted by the Huffington Post newspaper as saying: "I'm not certain what went through his mind. But for some reason he went into a law enforcement agency, and if the allegations are true, you are a criminal attempting to get a job at a law enforcement agency."

A man has scoffed down a 5,500 calorie meal of fish and chips in just 12 minutes.

Adam Moran, who is also known as BeardMeatsFood, stuffed down no less than 32oz fish, a mountain of chips and sides at Casey's in Ossett, West Yorkshire, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

Owner John Haggerston said: "I'm always up for a laugh, so when a chef came in and said he didn't think that I could get a bigger fish I was inspired.

"I took on the challenge to find a whopper fish. And the locals have said that it's ace that we're putting the town on the map."