Weird News


November 28, 2015

A supermarket chain has unveiled a chocolate and cherry sandwich.

Tesco are preparing for the festive season with a PS1.80 snack, which contains chocolate and cherry placed between cinnamon bread, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. The packaging itself has an equally festive theme, decorated with snow, a Christmas pudding and a robin wearing a Santa hat.

A company are crowd-funding to create the world's first selfie mirror.

Smart Ltd are working on the household item, which will have special capacities to allow its user to snap a photo of themselves and upload it straight online, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported.

A promotional video explained: "What if all that could be enhanced with technology, a modern smart home in which an ordinary mirror becomes a portal to smart tech, home security and professionally lit photography?"

It is thought the mirror will also have other uses such as a motion sensor, which will act as a type of CCTV incase of intruders.

A woman is being hunted by police after joyriding a stolen golf buggy with her dog.

The unidentified woman was seen speeding around in the four-wheeled vehicle at Willingdon Golf Club in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where she was captured on CCTV with her dog in the front seat.

During their rampage, the woman and her canine companion damaged two electric buggies before fleeing the scene. Police officer James Gillies commented: "This is rather a strange case, not least because of the dog."